Getting Started

  1. Getting NVMain - How to get a copy
  2. Compiling - Introduction to the build system
  3. Configuring - Meanings of configuration parameters
  4. Running - Examples of running NVMain
  5. Contributing - How to get your code into the source with your name on it

Modifying NVMain

  1. Working with NVMain - Recommendations for organizing your modifications
  2. Simulator Integration - How to integrate NVMain with your simulator of choice
  3. NVMObject - The basic object of all memory system objects
  4. Memory Controllers - Writing your own memory controller
  5. Fault Models? - How to create a hard-fault model
  6. Decoders - How to write custom address translators
  7. Endurance - How to write custom endurance models
  8. Interconnect - How to create a custom interconnect
  9. Prefetchers - Creating a memory-level prefetcher
  10. Simulator Interfaces - Getting statistics from your CPU-level simulator

Future Work / Known Issues

  1. Future Work - Things we are planning to add in the future
  2. Known Issues - Problems we are aware of and their status